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Science through the illustrations of Fernando Krahn forms the new temporary exhibition at La Térmica Cultural.

The temporary exhibition Illustrating science can now be visited in the Hulla room of La Térmica Cultural, an exhibition that reflects the existing dialogue between the artistic representations of illustrated reports and the scientific news present in the media. More than 60 illustrations made by the cartoonist, illustrator and caricaturist, Fernando Krahn, which can be visited free of charge until December 31, and which is conceived with the intention of showing the public a different and efficient way to graphically capture the daily concerns related to science and technology.

The City of Energy Foundation (CIUDEN) has rescued from its documentary collection more than 60 original plates with drawings that the Chilean artist based in Barcelona, Fernando Krahn, used in his illustrated reports for the Science and Technology section of La Vanguardia in the 80s. Through them, a journey is traced that goes from environmental problems, which already concerned society 40 years ago and today can be linked to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), to the scientific and technological advances that Krahn knew how to bring in a playful way to the public that, at that time, perceived them as science fiction.

Krahn's hand-drawn illustrations are a visual language in themselves, gentle, ironic and sometimes grotesque, in which the author manages to incorporate his experience and his personal reflection on the facts.

These illustrations that make up the exhibition have a dual purpose: on the one hand, to raise awareness about the SDGs with vignettes that show that the environmental problems that concerned society decades ago are still relevant today. And on the other hand, to demonstrate Krahn's ability to capture complex concepts and encourage the public's interest in science and technology outreach.


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