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DaBraccio Quartet compiles compositions by young talents from Spain in 'Música viva'.

Friday, 15 December 2023

Música viva disseminates and highlights the work of the local contemporary composer, through some interesting works for string quartet. The qualifier of contemporary may be used to refer to the creator of the music of these times, but also to the living creator, who can share with us the subway or the health service, and therefore is not considered as an object of worship in textbooks.

Through our research, we have come across true musical gems by mostly young composers from various regions of Spain (Balearic Islands, Aragon, Galicia) that are rarely performed, some because they are almost unknown to the public and performers, and others because they are of very recent composition.

The performance of DaBraccio Quartet is part of the Dinamiz-ARTj program promoted by the Institute for Just Transition (ITJ) and the City of Energy Foundation (CIUDEN) to boost cultural activity in municipalities affected by the closure of mining and thermal and nuclear power plants and to promote the careers of young artists living in these territories.



  • Carme Rodríguez (1996-): Nordés, Suite for string quartet (2019)
  • Josep Prohens (1956-): L'Espera (2003)
    I.I. Calmo- Allegro- Apassionat
    II.II. Moderato
    III.III. Allegro- Calmo expressiu- Allegro moderato
  • Javier Hombría (2001-): 'Light Beam' Quartet (2021)
    I.I. Radiation
    II.II. Reflection
    III.III. Refraction
    IV.IV. Absorption
  • Antoni Mairata March (1994-): 'Cant a la Serra' (2010)
  • Type: Activities,Music and dance
  • Time: December 15, 2023 - 19:30 - 20:30
  • Venue:Anthracite Auditorium
  • Duration:19:30H


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