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Rodrigo Sorogoyen: "In my profession, a success like 'As Bestas' only happens once in a lifetime".

  • The film director discussed with the audience about the film in a new DiBierzo session.

On a tropical afternoon among ferns, everyone awaited the arrival of Rodrigo Sorogoyen. Photographers, expectant onlookers and even some of the participants in the filming of As Bestas surprised the film director. La Térmica Cultural was getting ready to welcome the protagonist of the new session of the film-colloquium cycle 'DiBierzo'.

A rapt audience received with applause the author of the film, winner of 9 Goyas, 5 Feroz Awards and "some other award that is not true", joked Mapi Galán during the presentation, to whom he confessed that he still gets nervous before a colloquium. Before the screening, we were able to chat with him about the success and the prominence of El Bierzo in the film.

THE CULTURAL THERMAL. The tickets for the screening of the film and subsequent discussion were sold out in less than 5 minutes. How do you feel about the great reception that the film has had in El Bierzo?

RODRIGO SOROGOYEN. I guess the 5 minutes is an exaggeration (laughs). I am overwhelmed, for me it is an honor. In our profession these things happen once in a lifetime and you have to take it as something circumstantial, but I am very happy that As Bestas has reached people.

L. T. C. In your thank you speech at the Goya Awards we saw that you also mentioned Bierzo. What does it mean for you to present As Bestas here, where both its inhabitants and its locations have been part of the film?

R. S. That's the reason why I come here, I couldn't have done it anywhere else. The whole team and I personally feel a very close relationship with the environment and the people of El Bierzo.

Isabel Peña and I wrote the script for the film in 2015, produced it in 2020 and shot it in 2021, so I live with it for a long time until its release last year. Now As Bestas has to fly alone.

L. T. C. What are the best memories you have of filming in El Bierzo?

R. S. It is one of those experiences that are beautiful professionally, other times one cannot say the same. It was all very easy. Both because of the people we met, warm, friendly and always willing to help, and because of the conditions of the environment, nature and landscapes, which I did not know and now I feel closer to them.

L. T. C. With several thrillers behind you -Madre, El Reino, Que Dios nos perdone-, are you now working on a film? What genre?  

R. S. It's the first time I'm working on three projects at the same time. One is a thriller in the style, but the other two are totally different. I try to touch as many genres as possible, I don't want to anchor myself in the thriller and I want to evolve. The next thing we're going to shoot has nothing to do with it.


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