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Skat brings 'Contemporary Latin American Music' to the rhythm of saxophone with original compositions

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Current Latin American music is the result of the joint work of the saxophonist duo Skat with contemporary composers. This magical interplay results in new music without leaving aside the identity and folklore of Latin American music in general, and Argentinean music in particular.

This concert incorporates instruments such as the guitar, which became very popular in the continent with colonization, and styles such as the zamba, an Argentine dance that comes from the Spanish zamacueca. The aim of the show is to get to know and perceive similarities and differences between cultures through music, in order to promote twinning between peoples and at the same time preserve each one's own identity.

Skat's performance is part of the Dinamiz-ARTj program promoted by the Institute for Just Transition (ITJ) and the City of Energy Foundation (CIUDEN) to boost cultural activity in municipalities affected by the closure of mining and thermal and nuclear power plants and to promote the careers of young artists living in these territories.


- "7 pasos" (2014) Sebastián Tozzolla (1985-) - "Canon en Aire de Joropo" (2008)
Rolando Budini (1976-) - "Carmelo" (2014) Sebastián Tozzolla (1985-) - "Taba"
(2018) Guillermo Schiavi Gon (1980-) -" Flor de lino" (2004) Music: Héctor
Stamponi. Lyrics: Homero Expósito. (Arrangement for two saxophones by the composer
Fernando Muslera (1975-) - "El Encontrado" (2003) Fernando Muslera (1975-)
- "Suite Gilense" (2018) -Chamamamé Otoño Gilense -Chacarera Invierno Gilense
-Zamba Primavera Gilense -Carnavalito Verano Gilense Luis Chiurco (1981-))
- "Dúo de concierto N°3" (2003) -Melodía y bajo -Baguala -Milonga Fernando
Lerman (1968-) - "Salamanqueando pa' mi" (2005) Music by Raúl Carnota Arrangement
by Rolando Budini (1976-)

  • Type: Activities,Music and dance
  • Date: 9 September 2023 - 19:30 - 20:30
  • Location:Anthracite Auditorium
  • Schedule:19:30H


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