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Turn on La Térmica

31 Mar 2023 - 31 Mar 2033

Immersive journey to the core of the thermal power plant

This is the TC of As Pontes in the metaverse

What component injects the energy into the power grid? Where is the production waste disposed of? How is the power plant cooled? You will answer all these questions as you enter Enciende La Térmica. Enjoy an immersive experience at the As Pontes thermal power plant and discover the ins and outs of this industrial giant through Virtual Reality (VR) glasses.

Open all your senses and dare to take the controls of the thermal power plant in first person. After flying over the CT of As Pontes, you will get in front of the control panel and start the boiler to begin the energy production process. All this within a didactic experience in which the location, the year of start of activity, the fuels it is fed with, its magnitude and other curious facts about the thermal power plant are outlined.

As a new feature, this permanent experience offers the user a 360° guided tour through all the facilities of a thermal power plant, in a 15-minute tour that goes from the arrival of the cargo at the coal yard to the inside of the cooling tower. The application emulates 3D scenarios in which you can interact with all its components by means of a joystick and learn about their use and operation. At the end, you can browse through a gallery with images of former workers of the power plant, provided by the Endesa Foundation.

This experience is available in Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese. The 240m2 Lignito Room hosts this activity.

NOTE: It is recommended not to perform this experience with glasses on.

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  • Date: 31 Mar 2023 - 31 Mar 2033
  • Location:Lignite Room - Ground Floor
  • Duration:FRIDAY FROM 4:00 PM TO 10:00 PM | SATURDAY FROM 10:00 AM TO 10:00 PM | SUNDAY FROM 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM