Opening hours: Friday from 4 pm to 10 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm

Who we are

La Térmica Cultural is a space created and managed from Ponferrada by the City of Energy Foundation (CIUDEN) through the Institute for Just Transition (ITJ). We are in the former facilities of the Compostilla I thermal power plant, a place that, 50 years after ceasing its industrial activity, is now reborn as a multipurpose center dedicated to the arts, knowledge and professional training. And the fact is that, just like the energy that was produced in its entrails, culture is in constant transformation and sets societies on the road to the future. Because La Térmica Cultural has been, is and will be Incandescent Culture.



Revitalizing the territory

We work to promote culture, tourism, economy and social participation in the regions of Bierzo and Laciana based on four main lines of action. La Térmica Cultural is:

  1. A space that houses exhibitions on energy and innovation, anthropology and the mining culture and identity of the region.
  2. A space for the celebration of musical shows and performing arts, artistic development and the promotion of cultural industries.
  3. A forum for the organization of congresses, fairs, conferences and all kinds of informative events thanks to the different sized rooms available in this space.
  4. A meeting point for alternative activities within the framework of the energy transition.

Recovering industrial heritage

We transformed a former industrial landscape into a cultural environment integrated into the city. We created synergies with La Fábrica de Luz. Museo de la Energía, located less than 1 km from La Térmica Cultural, to generate direct economic activity in the area.

Reclaiming the mining past

Energy production has marked the history and character of the territories and the identity of their inhabitants. That is why the contents of the spaces and exhibitions of La Térmica Cultural revolve around energy, coal, and the ecological transition. To preserve the memory while facing the challenges of the present.


To become a benchmark for just transition

We must be a mirror for the areas immersed in the energy transition process to promote culture, tourism and entrepreneurship in the territories affected by the closure of coal mining and thermal and nuclear power plants.

To be an example of alternative economic activity

We will create direct and indirect employment linked to the Térmica Cultural and we will offer professional training opportunities for for especially in areas in line with the ecological transition, in an area conditioned by mining and energy production. ecological transition, in a territory conditioned by mining and energy production.

Attracting quality tourism to Ponferrada

We aspire to make La Térmica Cultural a pole of tourist attraction for El Bierzo, Laciana and other areas in transition, linked to artistic and cultural promotion and congress tourism.



La Térmica Cultural promotes sustainability through its actions and communications, an essential issue in order to live in the world we talk about in our exhibitions and trainings. We have decided to apply this value to the facilities, which incorporate a mixed system of air and water air conditioning and underfloor heating that acts as thermal insulation.


Our building is a representative of the industrial architecture of the 40's of the last century, however, it houses innovative experiences designed for digitized environments. A virtual reality room will surprise you during your visit.


La Térmica Cultural is a space open to citizens and their participation is essential for the operation of the space, from its cultural programming to training courses, through artistic residencies. Of course, you can walk through the gardens without having to enter the interior of the cultural space, we have parking spaces for cars and bicycles so you can come whenever you want and we comply with current accessibility standards.

We are aware that we have to take care of the legacy of Compostilla I and protect this cultural and scenic environment, framed in the middle of the Camino de Santiago.


We will always give all the news about the space, but, if something is missing, we have not explained it well or you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate in please do not hesitate to contact us. us.

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A center open to the public that never stops vibrating.
A review of 80 years of history, from industrial space to cultural landscape.


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