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La Térmica Cultural launches DiBierzo film series with actress Mapi Galán

  • The format combines the viewing of the film and a subsequent discussion presented by Mapi Galán.
  • The series consists of three screenings that will take place throughout the year.
  • The sessions are free of charge and reservations are required.

The DiBierzo film-colloquium cycle was presented this Tuesday in the lobby of La Térmica Cultural. The actress Mapi Galán, designer and presenter of this participatory cycle, has been in charge of presenting it to the media along with Yasodhara López, director of the area of museums, heritage and culture of the Energy City Foundation (CIUDEN). The DiBierzo film series consists of three sessions throughout 2023: Cenizas del cielo by José Antonio Quirós, As Bestas by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, and Retorno a Hansala by Chus Gutiérrez. Attendance will be free upon reservation.

With this proposal, in each session La Térmica Cultural will become a unique movie theater to host the screening of a film and a subsequent discussion with its director or director, moderated by the actress Mapi Galán from Bierzo. In this way, viewers will be able to exchange impressions and share their thoughts with the authors of the works themselves.

The films in the DiBierzo cycle have been selected according to criteria of energy, sustainability and equality, with the aim of disseminating this aspect of Spanish culture and cinema and thus making visible social issues, some of which particularly affect the region of El Bierzo.

The screening of Cenizas del cielo, by José Antonio Quirós, will inaugurate the DiBierzo cycle next Thursday, May 4 at 8:30 pm; a film set in a singular Asturian valley where the arrival of an outsider will bring to light the conflicting positions of the inhabitants regarding their thermal power plant. With a running time of 96 minutes, the film features a cast that includes Celso Bugallo, Gary Piquer, Clara Segura and Beatriz Rico, among others. Ticket reservations for the public are already open and can be made on the website or at the reception of La Térmica Cultural.

Ashes from Heavennominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 2008 Goya Awards.

Cenizas del cielo ( 2008) is a story full of unusual characters and contradictions set in a unique Asturian valley. Ferguson (Gary Piquer), an adventurer and guidebook writer, is forced to stay in the place when his motorhome breaks down at the foot of a thermal power plant. He soon establishes a peculiar friendship with Federico (Celso Bugallo), a farmer who believes that the Kyoto protocol will finally put an end to the plant's pollution, against which he has been fighting for 30 years.

This film by José Antonio Quirós was nominated in the category of Best Original Screenplay at the 2008 Goya Awards. It has also been awarded the Golden Sun at the International Environmental Festival of Barcelona, the Grand Jury Prize at the Spanish and Latin Film Festival of Ajaccio (France) and has won awards at other thematic film festivals such as those of Palermo and Tokyo.

After the screening, viewers will participate in a discussion with its director, José Antonio Quirós, moderated by actress Mapi Galán.


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