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The most intimate Eduardo Arroyo at La Térmica Cultural's new exhibition

  • The opening will take place this Saturday with a guided tour led by the curator of the exhibition and accompanied by the author's family.
  • This event is open to the public
  • This new exhibition is housed in the Condensadores room and can be visited free of charge.

This Saturday, April 6 at 12:00 pm will be the official opening of the exhibition Eduardo Arroyo and Robles de Laciana. Round trip. The exhibition can be visited free of charge until September 29 in the Condensadores room of La Térmica Cultural, where you can meet the most personal and intimate Arroyo through the works of this genuine artist of international prestige.

The opening ceremony is open to the public and will consist of a tour in which the details and ins and outs of the artist's creations will be explained by Luis García, curator of the exhibition and art director of the Instituto Leonés de Cultura (ILC). The event will also be attended by a large representation of the artist's family headed by Isabel Azcárate, Eduardo Arroyo's widow; accompanied by Emilio Martínez, vice president of the Instituto Leonés de Cultura (ILC); and Concepción Fernández, director of the area of museums, heritage and culture of the Ciudad de Energía Foundation (CIUDEN).

Composed of 176 works (149 belonging to the private collection of his family and 27 more from the funds of the Instituto Leonés de Cultura), the exhibition includes pieces, some unpublished to date, among which are sketches and drawings, plastic exercises in mixed media, collages, paintings, prints edited with the most diverse techniques he used, highlighting the lithography, books, sculptures in bronze, stone, ceramics or several pieces that served for scenographic scenery.

It is a sequential story built around four narrative scenes, along which his connection with Robles de Laciana is especially relevant, which synthetically articulate the life and work of Eduardo Arroyo in a fluid and direct dialogue with the viewer.

A unique and connected exhibition

This exhibition presents a set of four blocks structured in a differentiated way, based on a scenographic sense in the treatment of the work and the montage, and accompanied by videos and environmental sounds related to situations. The four blocks are related by means of conductive threads that connect some blocks with others by means of works that serve as bridges and transit points.

A first block dedicated to the influence of the town of Robles de Laciana in the childhood of Eduardo Arroyo and its remembrance in the work of Eduardo Arroyo: Las moscas, Los deshollinadores, El rey de la noche, La Muezca, El lobo, El toro, La vaca, El jabalí, etc.; a second block related to the self-exile, flight to Paris, the construction and consolidation of his political and critical positions and painting as a political and critical weapon; a third block dealing with the end of the dictatorship and return to Spain, reconciliation with Madrid, and return to Robles de Laciana; and a final block on death, the vanitas, Eduardo Arroyo's last works in Robles and Madrid and an unfinished pictorial piece.

Consult the press dossier of the exhibition here.


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